Ideal for self body massage
Increase blood circulation
Relieve muscle tension
Can be used in a variety of positions and on any part of the body
Keep one at home and one in the office to ease muscle tension when it strikes

Heat naturally increases blood circulation to provide relief from muscle pain and tension

All natural massage cream that utilises the healing properties of Arnica, Hypericum and Calendula
Aids management of musculoskeletal aches and pains
Suitable for the whole family – No hydroxybenzoares or parabens

These versatile rolls can be used on almost any seat – from the car to the office
Aid neutral spine alignment to provide comfort and support while sitting.

Relieve pain
Improve joint stability
Enhance athlete confidence
Reduce injury recurrence and prevent injury

Gentle eletrical nerve stimulation that utilises pain free pulses, to help stop pain signals from reaching the brain after an injury. This mechanism helps stimulate the production of endorphins for natural pain relief

An alternative to bulky weights & gym machines
Easy to use and portable
Aid in injury rehabilitation
Enhance athletic performance

Bracing may aid in injury rehabilitation, reduce pains and provide increased joint support, giving you the confidence to move more!

Small and portable putty & balls that are specific to arm and hand injury rehabiliation

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