Physiotherapy is a university qualified health profession which treats, restores and maintains a person’s health, function, mobility and well being.

Physiotherapists use various techniques to achieve this including:

“Hands on “ techniques such as joint mobilizations (working a joint to increase range or provide pain relief), joint manipulation ( forceful thrust applied to a stiff joint), stretches and massage

Exercises – customised exercises specific to your injury to improve strength, stability, flexibility, proprioception ( joint position sense) and balance – this can be done on land, pool, classes or gym

Advice/ Education– used for posture, work station set up , explanation and progression of injuries, self treatment, various products

Electrotherapy – less frequently used in modern physiotherapy but can be useful in certain conditions e.g. therapeutic ultrasound, TENS

Taping– to help prevent injury, enable return to play, posture correction, improve joint motion, destress overworked muscles

Bracing– used for return to play/ work , acute injury management

Dry needling/ acupuncture – inserting needles

Heat/ Cold– Heat to increase circulation and decrease muscle spasm. Cold to decrease swelling.


There are various disciplines in physio including

Paediatric – children
Neurological- disorders of the nervous system e.g. stroke, head injury
Women’s health/ Men’s health – incontinence, post pregnancy
Respiratory- disorders of the lungs

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